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Our Club

Aerial Photo of Chipman Airfield

We are people who share a passion for the sport of soaring. The ESC was incorporated in 1957 as a non-profit society. Our club can teach you how to fly gliders, and rent gliders to you when you are licensed, for your ongoing enjoyment. Some members purchase a share of a sailplane to increase their enjoyment.

The ESC is located just north of Chipman, which is about 45 minutes drive east of Edmonton. We operate mostly weekends from spring thaw until winter freeze. We also host flying weeks several times per year when members can fly all week! Twice a year, we head to Cowley, AB for its amazing views and soaring conditions.

The Edmonton Soaring Club is a member of country and world-wide Soaring Organizations. In Canada there are approximately 24 gliding clubs, with over 900 active pilots. The Soaring Association of Canada is the national organization that supplies common safety, training standards, insurance, and administration to all gliding clubs. We also work very closely with The Alberta Soaring Council. In Alberta there are a number of other clubs in Central Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge. We get together for several events each year.

Most importantly, we are all volunteers. Our instructors, our tow pilots, our club Executive, the people who work on the flight line getting gliders ready to fly. This helps to keep costs down - you do not pay for instruction. Membership fees are used to maintain our facilities.

Our Fleet

3 Plane View of Perkoz


  • Seats: 2
  • Wingspan: 18/20m
  • Max Glide: 45:1
  • Use: General flying, XC trainer
3 Plane View of Perkoz

SZD-54-2 Perkoz

  • Seats: 2
  • Wingspan: 20m
  • Max Glide: 42:1
  • Use: General flying, aerobatics
3 Plane View of Puchacz

SZD-50-3 Puchacz

  • Seats: 2
  • Wingspan: 16.7m
  • Max Glide: 30:1
  • Use: General flying, aerobatics
3 Plane View of LS4a


  • Seats: 1
  • Wingspan: 15m
  • Max Glide: 41:1
  • Use: XC, badge work, general flying
3 Plane View of Jantar

SZD-48 Jantar

  • Seats: 1
  • Wingspan: 15m
  • Max Glide: 40:1
  • Use: XC, badge work, general flying
3 Plane View of L-33

LET-L-33 Solo

  • Seats: 1
  • Wingspan: 14.1m
  • Max Glide: 33:1
  • Use: Experienced, general flying
3 Plane View of PW-5


  • Seats: 1
  • Wingspan: 13.4m
  • Max Glide: 32:1
  • Use: Solo transition

Our Rates


New Members and Renewing Members. Fees include all taxes and SAC fees.

Adult $700
Spouse $505

Under 21 or a full-time student under 25

Youth / Cadet

Regular member or Air Cadet under 19, non-voting

Social Member / Non-Voting $60

Late Season Membership (After August 1)

These fees include an SAC fee reduction but this reduction is available only to NEW members. Existing regular members renewing after August 1 will need to pay the full SAC membership, increasing these fees by $40 for a Regular Member, $20 for Spousal and Junior Members. SAC membership is free for Youth. We do not include an SAC membership for Social Members. Fees include all taxes.

Adult $400
Spouse $285

Under 21 or a full-time student under 25

Youth / Cadet

Regular member or Air Cadet under 19, non-voting

Social Member / Non-Voting $60

Flying Costs (Members)

Aero tows for flights departing before 11 AM will be discounted by 50% for up to 2,000'. Rental charges are capped at $1000 per season, excluding GST. Rental charges for a flight are capped at 3 hours. All club policies with respect to usage and return of gliders must be followed. GST will be charged on flying costs.

Towing Fees
Aero Tow $17/1000' + GST
Aero Tow Retrieve $15 + $1.50/minute + GST
Glider Rental per Minute (per Hour)
Dual Seat (DG1000S, Puchacz, Perkoz) $1.50 ($90) + GST
Single Seat (Jantar Std 2, L-33, PW-5) $1.50 ($90) + GST

Flying Costs (New Members)

Introductory Training Flights - 3000' Aero tow (3 pack)

(One person usage - $100 off membership purchased within four weeks of first flight)


Flying Costs (Non-Members)

Members can purchase single Fam Certificates at the discounted price of $100. Familiarization Flights make excellent gifts. Weight restrictions apply. Availability is dependent on weather conditions and club operations. Fees include all taxes.

Introductory Flight - 3000' Aero tow, Maximum 30 minutes $125
Introductory Flights - Group Rate (2000' tow) $80

Dormant Account Fee

ESC will charge a fee of up to $100 a year where a credit balance remains on a dormant account. A dormant account is defined as an account where a previous member has lost touch with ESC and has not used their flying account for a period of at least two consecutive years.