Soar Like A Bird

Instructor and student about to take off for a flight

Edmonton Soaring Club is open for the 2023 season mid-April (weather permitting!)

We look forward to welcoming anyone who would like to come and take a ride! Remember a few key things in advance:

• People of all ages are welcome, we do have weight restrictions of approx 240lbs though

• Wear a hat and bring water and sunscreen

• Rustic outdoor washroom facilities are available

• All flights are by appointment only – book early, book often at

We are excited to host all those who have been waiting for so long to soar over the prairies. Let’s do it together safely and enthusiastically!

Please also review our important information below about our introductory flights.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to fly in a sailplane? If words such as "freedom", "solitude", and "quiet" come to mind, you would be right!

Soaring or gliding is a form of recreational flight using motorless aircraft. A glider is launched by towing it with a powered airplane. The glider pilot then releases at altitude and searches for atmospheric lift to stay aloft.

If you think that this sounds like fun, then you're right. Our members fly throughout the spring, summer, and fall whenever the weekend weather allows. Many visitors come to see us, watch the pilots, and maybe even come on up in one of our 2-seat gliders for an Introductory Flight.

Contact us to book your introductory flight:

For group, membership and other rates, please see our complete rate information.

Please also review our important information below about our introductory flights.

Glider Rides

  • Glider in Flight

    Introductory Flight

    Let one of our experienced pilots take you for an unforgettable silent flight over the Alberta landscape. This is an electronic voucher you can redeem for yourself or give as a gift.


    (includes GST)

  • Glider in Aerobatic Flight

    Aerobatic Flight

    The club is considering offering aerobatic flights. It's just like riding a crazy roller coaster, just on a way bigger track and thousands of feet up in the air. Stay tuned for more details.

    In Development

Important Information

  • We operate Saturdays and Sundays from early May to Mid-October. If the weather is good and the wind is below 25km/h, we are likely flying. To verify before coming out, call us at the field 780-363-3860 toll-free from Edmonton and area
  • If your introductory flight has to be canceled due to weather, we will reschedule it with you. Note: Soaring is dependent on the weather. We can not operate under certain conditions.
  • New for 2019: All introductory flights must be pre-booked with the club. For questions or to book your flight, contact us at
  • The maximum passenger weight is 242 lbs (110 kg) including all clothing and equipment (ie. cameras). Passengers who weight more than 220 lbs (100 kg) will be weighed at the field prior to the flight. This is a safety limit and there are no exceptions. Flight duration is about 20-30 minutes depending on weather
  • We will need you to sign a waiver of liability at the field before your flight
  • Bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a hat and jacket along with a folding chair. It tends to be cooler and windier out here than in the city. There are restaurants in nearby towns but not at the airfield itself, so don't forget to bring water and lunch. You can use the club kitchen if you'd like
  • Wear loose casual clothes (jeans or shorts are welcome) with runners or shoes. Open toes are discouraged
  • Pets are welcome but must be leashed. Please bring a water dish for them
  • All types of cameras, from SLR to GoPro style, are welcome